Pilot Grant Program

The Myology Institute is offering pilot grants of up to $5000 in services of the Wellstone Physiological Assessment Core. The Core performs ex vivo, in situ, and whole animal assessments of mouse muscle integrity and function. It can perform physiological testing on normal and diseased mouse muscles, as well as evaluate the therapeutic impact of interventions on muscle function. For more details on outcome measures offered and fee structure, please refer to these webpages (click links in this sentence or see left panel to be re-directed)

The goal of the pilot grant program is to generate preliminary data for grant proposals for Myology Institute members, or possibly supply data for publications. The application should consist of one to two pages, and should include the following information:

  1. Project title
  2. Investigator
  3. Short description of problem to be addressed
  4. Outline of the type of preliminary data needed that the Core can provide
  5. Numbers of animals and muscles to be studied, along with specific measurements requested
  6. Potential for funding that the generated data will facilitate

Please note that it will be the responsibility of the investigator to assist in any amendments to IACUC protocols.

We will accept proposals between July 17 and September 5, 2017. Awards will be made by October 2, 2017. Please email your grant applications to Christa Stout at stoutc@ufl.edu.