Project Three
MR Imaging of Failed Regeneration and Cardiopulmonary Function

PI: Glenn Walter, PhD, University of Florida

Co-PI: Krista Vandenborne, PT, PhD, University of Florida

Co-I: Stanly Nelson, PhD, UCLA

Aim 1: Prospectively determine the association between LTBP4 polymorphisms and cardiac progression.

Aim 2: Examine the impact of LTBP4 IAAM haplotype on MR measures of respiratory muscles and loss of pulmonary function.

Aim 3: Retrospective study of the association between SPP1 and LTBP4 gene polymorphisms and disease progression in the lower extremity muscles in a large DMD cohort.

Project One

Assessing and modulating the role of inflammation and fibrosis in the dystrophic process

Project Two

Identification of Modifiers of Fibrosis Based on Differential Genetic Backgrounds in Mice