Abstract Submission Information

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Thank you for all who have submitted abstracts, the compiled abstract list is below!

Additional Information:

All accepted abstracts will be included in our abstract book which will be distributed to all paid attendees but will otherwise not be published. The submitting author email will be included on each abstract for participants to contact each other directly.

The abstract number in the compiled list is your poster number. Posters will be arranged as abstracts are listed; by session then alphabetically by submitting authors last name (in bold).

Poster Session; Poster Boards:

We are currently planning for poster sessions as long as COVID protocols permit. If a poster session is not permitted by COVID protocols then we will select abstracts for oral presentation in these time slots instead.

Poster boards are set in landscape format measuring 6 foot wide by 4 foot high; your printed poster must be within these dimensions. We will provide sticky Velcro dots to attach your poster to the board.

Your poster number and your abstract number are the same. Poster boards will be available as of 11am on Monday, June 20th to hang your poster on the board with your number. All posters will need to be removed by the end of our last poster session which is Thursday, June 23rd at 10am.

We ask odd number poster presenters to be at their poster for the first 30-45 minutes on Wednesday, Poster Session I, then allow time to see other posters after this and even numbered poster presenters to be at their posters for 30-45 minutes on Thursday, Poster Session II, and then feel free to travel to other posters. Outside of this request you are welcome to be at your poster as much or as little as you feel appropriate for yourself.