Communications Award

Registered trainees (Pre or Post-doctoral associates) who would like to showcase their work in a creative manner to a general audience can submit a separate graphical abstract related to their submitted regular abstract.

This graphical abstract should be uploaded as a single-slide PDF document.

Graphical abstracts will be reviewed for scientific quality, graphical creativity, and ease of understanding by a committee. The top six graphical abstracts will be selected and the author will be invited to record a maximum 60 second video overview of their graphical abstract. Video presentations can be done in any entertaining and creative manner, so long as it maintains professionalism.

If selected, applicants will have the opportunity to update their graphical abstract and record and send their video up until 2 weeks before the conference. At that time, the graphical abstract video presentation will be posted on social media. Thus, by submitting your graphical abstract you agree, if selected, for us to share your material through social media platforms. The winner of the Communications Award will be the person whose video presentation receives the most likes on X/Twitter.

Good luck, and have fun sharing your important work.

Graphical abstracts will be due April 22nd and results will be announced on May 3rd. Video submissions will be due on June 3rd.